Post-Press Bindery Services

Our in-house post-press department offers a full range of finishing, binding, stamping, and cutting.

Bindery Services

Book Stitching
To bind by stapling sheets together where they fold at the spine, as compared to side stitch. Also called pamphlet stitch, saddle stitch, wire stitch and stitch bind

Comb Binding
To bind by inserting the teeth of a flexible plastic comb through holes punched along the edge of a stack of paper. Also called plastic bind and GBC bind (a brand name).

Coil Binding
To bind by inserting a flexible plastic coil through holes punched along the edge of a stack of paper.

Tape Binding
A method of securing loose printed pages with a strip of tape or plastic strips fused with heat.

Imprinting printed pieces with sequential numbers.

To press an image into paper so it lies above the surface. Also called cameo and tool.

Using glue to fasten stacks of paper into a notepad or tablet.

Method of printing that releases foil from its backing when stamped with the heated die. Also called block print, and hot foil stamp.

Using glue to fasten stacks of paper into a notepad or tablet.

Die Cutting 
To cut irregular shapes in paper or card stock using a die.

Flat sheets run through a bindery machine dedicated to folding printed materials such as brochures and booklets.

To compress paper along a straight line so it folds more easily and accurately. Also called crease.

Taking place on a press or a bindery machine, creating a line of small dotted holes for the purpose of tearing-off a part of a printed matter (usually straight lines, vertical or horizontal).

Shrink Wrapping
Clear, plastic protective covering used on product packages that can be shrunk by heat to fit tightly around the package.

Three Ring Binders
Binders holding sheets that have been drilled with holes.

Assembly of multi-part, multi-page materials, ready for mailing or your distribution. From printing to distribution, all under one roof. Also see our direct mailing capabilities.



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