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Print, NCOA, and mail, all in one convenient location. This means you won't have to pay for shipping or waste time in transit.
Mail House

Mail House

List Specialist & Provider
The most important part of your direct mail campaign is your mailing list! Here at Vedda Printing+, mailing lists are one of our specialties. There are different lists to use to target any type of Direct Mail project. Let us help you develop a Direct Mail strategy to promote your product or service.
- NCOA (National Change of Address.) This is one of the most important capabilities we have. It is very important to you that we keep our mailing lists clean and up-to-date.
- Mapping or Radius - target specific geography by selecting boundaries.
- CASS and PAVE Certification - a post office requirement.

Mail Piece Design
Our one stop shop is equipped with full service, state of the art pre- and post-press equipment. A complete Mac and PC based pre-press room will accommodate a vast array of customer needs and concepts. In house post-press options include: cutting edge services for full bleed applications; bindery for booklets; and die-cutting capabilities for those really special projects that will let your business stand out in a crowd.

Addressing & Inserting
Vedda Printing+ makes printing and mailing easy. From postcards to catalogs we can print and mail your piece all in one convenient order.

With ink-jet addressing our machines imprint the names and addresses directly onto your piece, even when your mail piece is gloss coated!

We prepare Postal Statements, reports and tray tags mandated by the USPS and sort in accordance with the USPS requirements. We can quickly apply tabs to seal your piece for automated bar coded mailings.

With machine inserting we can quickly and efficiently insert various sizes of envelopes with multiple inserts.



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